Week 2 : Signy Research Station

The journey from Falkland Islands to Signy Research Station, Signy Island, Antarctica was on British Antarctic Survey (BAS) ship named James Clark Ross (JCR). While waiting for JCR to get ready for sailing, I grabbed the opportunity to visit a few attractions around Stanley, the town of Falkland Islands. My life on JCR was simple and relaxing but sometimes adventurous when the weather was bad and the waves were rough. Despite of seasickness, people onboard might get difficulties in walking around. Not many activities on board except watching films and reading. 3 meals were provided per day on the ship which inclusive of a full English breakfast, 3 course meals each for lunch and dinner. BAS emphasises pretty much on safety issue and therefore people on board again need to undergo some ship safety briefing and training. On the 25th Dec, people on board celebrated Christmas Day on the ship with a traditional Christmas lunch which includes a turkey meal and Christmas pudding.


The BAS ship JCR that I took to travel from Falkland Islands to Signy Island, Antarctica

Stanley, the town of Falkland Islands

Christ Church Cathedral and Whalebone Arch in Stanley, Falkland Islands

Fipass, Falkland Islands

Gypsy Cove, Falkland Islands

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