• The theme of the competition is “THE MIRACLE OF SCIENCE; REFLECTION OF LIFE AND NATURE ”with the hashtag #KeajaibanSAINS. Participants will need to highlight elements of science and its relationship in human life as well as nature in the photographs taken. This is to be able to reveal to society that science, life and nature are interrelated.
  • This competition is open to all Malaysians who live, study or work in the state of Terengganu Darul Iman.
  • The pictures sent must be taken in the State of Terengganu Darul Iman.
  • participation is free. There is no limit to the number (quantity) of participating photos to be sent but one participant is only eligible to win ONE prize for each category.
  • Entries are to be made individually for each category and prizes will also be given individually to the winners.
  • Special prizes will be given to the school/institution of higher learning that sends the most entries (quantity). Therefore, the school or IPT is encouraged to work with students to participate in this photography competition.
  • photos must also be current, i.e: photos taken in year 2020 only.
  • Photos must be contested for the first time and have not won in any photography competition prior to this competition.
  • Any editing aspects such as lighting, cropping, softening and sharpening of photos using any apps are allowed while collage technique, superimpose, trick photographs that are manipulative are not allowed.
  • Participants can use any type of digital camera (DSLR or Mirrorless) or mobile phone camera.
  • The copyright of each picture belongs to the participants, however the organizers have the right to use it in programs and publications or any aspect of advertising in the media of the time that does not involve profit in an effort to promote SCIENCE TO THE COMMUNITY. The organizers  shall credit (photographer name) on each picture that will be used for the above purpose.
  • Participants are responsible for obtaining permission from individuals (if appearing in the photo). Claims from any party cannot be made against the organizers if the photos are used for any program of the organizers, promotions and advertising related to science in life and environment organized by the organizers.
  • Participants are fully responsible for the work and do not violate any copyright, proprietary, trademark, privacy or individual privacy rights.
  • The results of the competition are fully determined by the organizers and are final.
  • In the event of any violation of the terms and conditions of the competition, the victory is void and the participant must return all prizes and certificates received. Any questions please contact En. Mohamad Faiz bin Mahmood at 03-26910651 or email


General Category (18 years and over)

  • Open to Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above who reside, work or study in the State of Terengganu only (address in Terengganu but not necessarily born in Terengganu)
  • Participants must submit images in JPEG format with high resolution (300dpi) and 4000 pixels (for any long side either horizontal or vertical)    

Social Media Category (public and students)

  • Open to Malaysian citizens and students (primary, secondary or IPT) who reside, work or study in the State of Terengganu only (address in Terengganu but not necessarily born in Terengganu)
  • Participants are allowed to post/upload small sized pictures on social media but the organizers shall request for high-resolution photos if the picture is selected as the winner.


General Categories

  • Photographic works should be emailed in soft copy only along with ‘Appendix A’ which contains information about each picture submitted (i.e. file name, participant name, title, and location)
  • Photographs must be emailed along with ‘Appendix A’ via  ‘Google Drive’ or ‘We Transfer’ link (if you would like to send a lot of photos) to
  • Participants are required to fill out an entry form on ‘Google Form’ (
  • Appendix A can be uploaded on the website 

Social Media Category

  • Participants must upload a picture on their respective FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM along with the participant’s name, school / IPT (for students), title and location.
  • Participants are required to put up the hashtag sign: #keajaibansainsrefleksikehidupandanalam # minggusainsnegara2020 # msnterengganu2020 #ypasm
  • Participants must also fill in the entry form on Google form ( for each image uploaded on social media and share the ‘posting link’ of the image in the Google form



General Categories

  • Judging will be made 100% through professional judging by a jury to be appointed by the organizer.
  • Judgment/judging is based on the terms and conditions outlined, the quality and creativity of the photo as well as the message that can be highlighted in the work.
  • The decision is final.

Social Media Category

  • Judging is based on 50% of ‘LIKE’ votes on Social Media and another 50% is from a professional jury.
  • The decision is final