Fellowship Scheme


Yayasan Penyelidikan Antartika Sultan Mizan (YPASM) provides fellowship opportunities especially for the young Malaysian scientists to pursue their research interests in Polar science.  The main aim of this scheme is to facilitate the professional development and training of early career scientists in Polar Regions research. This fellowship allows researchers to undertake short-term visits to major international laboratories, field facilities, and/or institutes in or operated by SCAR member countries, so as to become acquainted with recent advances in research and/or to develop long-term scientific links and partnerships. The work must be carried out in a research group of a SCAR member country other than Malaysia.



 YPASM Fellowship is designed to:

  • Encourage active involvement of early career scientists in Antarctic and/or Arctic scientific research;
  • Develop local expertise and talent in polar research; and
  • Build new connections and networking with established researchers and experts in polar science.


Research Priority Areas

All science and policy research related to the Polar Regions in the field of biology, ecology, geology, oceanography, glaciology and atmospheric science.


Eligibility Criteria

The YPASM Fellowship Scheme is for PhD students, or those within five (5) years of having completed PhD on the day of the deadline for application, to undertake research at an institute in one of the SCAR member countries other than Malaysia.

  • Applicant should not be more than 40 years old at the time of application;
  • Projects must be related to scientific research in Polar Regions;
  • Applicant will only be allowed to hold one YPASM Fellowship at any one time.
  • Application is open to Malaysian researchers from universities participating in YPASM Smart Partnership initiative (UM, UiTM, USM, UMS, UPM, UKM, UMT and IMU).


Quantum And Duration Of Fellowship

 The quantum and duration of YPASM Fellowship Scheme will be based on merit of each application, and not exceeding 12 months with a total maximum allocation of RM50, 000.00. 


Scope Of Expenditure

The fellowship can be utilized for the following categories:

  • Economy-class round-trip travel and a modest subsistence allowance for the fellowship period
  • The Entity’s home institute will bear all expenses incurred in his or her home country (domestic travel, visa costs, etc.) and the host institute will waive any bench fees that they might normally charge trainees.


Elements of Application

The proposal texts should make it absolutely clear what activities will be carried out, what will be achieved, what deliverables will ensue (e.g. papers, technologies), at what costs, and in what time frame. Guidelines for preparing the proposal are given in the proposal sheet. In order to apply, candidates will be required to first contact and liaise with appropriate host Antarctic projects or programs in order to secure the support and mentorship of an active research team capable of including them in their own research program.

The elements of the application of the YPASM Fellowship Scheme are:

  • Research Proposal – The applicant must have the Research Proposal (with relevant appendices) as a single document.
  • Applicants to send Cover Note 1 to the Home Institute Referee, and the Referee to return it to the Applicant, along with the reference letter, as a single document.
  • Application to send Cover Note 2 to the Host Institute Referee, and the host to return it to the Applicant, ready to be submitted to YPASM.
  • Application Form­ – to be completed and submitted by the Application.

It is the Applicant’s responsibility to make sure that all parts of the application (Research Proposal, Home Institution Form and Host Institution Form are completed and received by them before submitting to YPASM.


Deadline of Application : 31 March 2020