Permit Application

In accordance with the Plant Quarantine Act 1976, Plant Quarantine Regulations 1981 and International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) No.2 and No.11 (Pest risk analysis for quarantine pests, including analysis of environmental risks and living modified organisms). All importations of plants, plant products and controlled articles must be first conducted with Pest Risk Analysis (PRA).

While Plant Quarantine Act 1976 and Plant Quarantine Regulations 1981, Regulation (3) states that importation of soil into the country is PROHIBITED unless importation is made for research purpose. Importation of soil is permitted in a small quantity of not more than 1 kilogram (no commercial value) for each permit. Details can be retrieved here,

YPASM has taken the initiative to organize a briefing session between Malaysian Polar researchers and Department of Agriculture (DOA) to further discuss and clarify on the issues faced by researchers intended to apply for import permit on 3rd June 2016. DOA has agreed for YPASM to be coordinator for application process from the polar scientists. Therefore, all import permit application must be collectively submitted by YPASM and not from individual researcher. The Notes of Discussion can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


To apply, please fill the forms below;

  1. Borang Permohonan Permit Import
  2. Lampiran Maklumat PRA
  3. Carta Alir 1 – Negara Pengeksport
  4. Carta Alir 2 – Di Malaysia
  5. Maklumat Tambahan Permohonan Pengimportan Tanah Untuk Tujuan Penyelidikan


Kindly note that YPASM will issue an invoice for the process of import permit application and the charges are as per below;

  1. Permit Import from DOA – RM 15/permit
  2. Permit Import (DagangNet charges) – RM5.30/permit
  3. Charge on DagangNet account usage – RM50/application
  4. Charge on Bacteria and Fungi Screening – RM90 to RM900/consignment (depending on PEQ screening process)
  5. 10% Service Charge


Should you need further information or clarification, please contact Mrs. Intan Fazlin at or 03-2691 0651. You may also request for the sample of completed application forms as a guideline.

Flow Chart of Soil Import Permit Application