Yayasan Penyelidikan Antartika Sultan Mizan Medals


  • To confer Malaysians recognition for contribution towards global science and governance of Polar regions and advancement of the National Polar Programme.
  • To encourage and support excellence in science and governance of Polar regions that will directly benefit the global community.
  • To uplift and strengthen YPASM’s stature and objective as a prominent organization that leads and develops scientific research and capacity in Polar sciences.


The YPASM National Antarctic Medal:

This medal is awarded to citizens of Malaysia in recognition of:

  • Contributions to the knowledge and/or national awareness of Polar regions/rendered prolonged service of outstanding quality in support of acquisition of such knowledge and/or;
  • Has led or is currently leading/driving/developing the Malaysian Antarctic agenda/programme;
  • Recognition of outstanding quality in support of national Polar research/expeditions due to the difficulties overcome and/or development of Polar awareness at the national level.


The YPASM Medal for Excellence in Antarctic Research:

This medal is awarded to citizens of Malaysia in recognition of:

  • Significant Antarctic research contributions & contributions to knowledge and the impact of their work on understanding the Antarctic region, the linkages between Antarctica and the Earth system, and/or observations of and from Antarctica and Southern Ocean.
  • Significant research contributions to the Malaysian community/have considerably shaped or reshaped research in a particular field and have demonstrated involvement in international activities.
  • An extensive and highly-cited body of publications and presentations documenting the nominee’s contributions.
  • A record of prior recognition that demonstrates the person’s impact on their community including prizes, honorary degrees, and other awards is essential.
  • A distinguished career in providing scientific advice to policy and/or decision-makers can also be considered as a demonstration of excellence in Antarctic research.

Nominees are welcomed in all areas of Antarctic and Southern Ocean research.


The YPASM Medal for Young Polar Scientists:

This medal is awarded to citizens of Malaysia aged 40 & below (age to be based on year) for:

  • Outstanding and sustained contributions of young Polar scientists at the beginning of their career.
  • Preferably has advanced the Malaysian Polar initiatives mission to initiate, facilitate, co-ordinate and encourage national and international research activity in the Antarctic region.
  • Recognition of their activities by their peers, such as prizes, honorary degrees, other awards, capacity building, data and information and/or products of use to the wider community that demonstrate the person’s impact.


The YPASM Medal for Education and Communication:

This medal is awarded to citizens of Malaysia in recognition of excellence or innovation in, and sustained commitment to:

  • communicating Antarctic research;
  • making significant contribution to educating the next generation of Antarctic researchers, or contributing to building new capacity in Malaysia’s Polar initiatives.
  • significant record of achievement in terms of the quality, effectiveness and creativity of their engagement in one or more of these three key areas of education and communication.

Nominations should illustrate the impact of achievements, both by type and extent, as well as explaining their importance and relevance for Malaysia’s Polar initiatives.

Required Documentations for Submission of Nominations

  1. A brief Curriculum Vitae (CV) (using the attached template) of the nominee should be prepared in pdf format by the nominator. Information regarding the nominee’s career as per the Terms of Reference should also be provided via the Nomination Form (the maximum length for each section is 200 words).
  2. A succinct justification for the recognition, outlining the significance of the nominee’s accomplishments should be provided by the nominator (maximum length 400 words) based on the criteria’s set in the Terms of Reference for each specific medal.
  3. A minimum of one letter from others in the community who have benefitted from the nominee’s work or are familiar with the nominee’s contributions are recommended (two-page maximum per letter).  The letters, in pdf format, should be sourced by the nominator.
  4. All relevant documents, publications, and papers by the nominee are to be furnished (full copy) by the nominator.

When preparing to submit a nomination, please ensure that all Nomination Forms, letters of support, documents, publications as well as the brief CV are available as pdfs.

To protect the integrity of the Medal and the reputation of YPASM, the Board of Trustees of YPASM, as appropriate may, at their sole discretion, revoke the Medal and any monetary award if in their view there has been, including but not limited to, element of fraud and/or academic misconduct on the part of the recipient and that YPASM’s continued association with the recipient would bring YPASM into disrepute.

Nominations / queries should be forwarded to the YPASM Medals Committee Secretariat at deepa@ypasm.my / fardy@ypasm.my

Deadline for submission of nominations: Closed